Satwa Basketball Courts

2nd February 2016

Dear Kingsley,

Your Bubaa has been away from home on long flights and horrible turn-around of late, so mind bogglingly exhausted that he cannot see straight when he comes through the door, yet once he is rested its straight to the park for you two.

Today, his proper first full day at home for two weeks, we all ate breakfast together (boiled eggs and vegemite toast, the little Aussie that you are), then he promptly got you dressed and off you both went to his favorite secret city playground.

Satwa basketball courts used to be your Bubaa’s second home – there shooting hoops each afternoon before you came along. That little children’s playground nestled deep behind it, further back from the tennis courts, was never on his radar. But now it’s his favorite place to take you.

You see it’s quiet, mostly empty, and always clean. Today I came along to visit you two playing, and wasn’t I the lucky one to witness the boy bond between Bubaa and NiNii…

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