12-05-19 Twins: Mothers Day

Sunday 12th May 2019

Not going to lie: getting out of the house all five of us on time and with enough provisions for the entire day was a misdion and very hectic. Did it thought! A few things I simply couldn’t fit in before our 9:30am dash: a shower and breakfast. However all three kids are clean, fed, content. And with a wagon full of essentials the Hartleys are off on our first Mothers Day to watch big boy Kingsley represent the Coogee Dolphins versus the Redfern All Blacks.

Miss Elektra sleeps on me all day save for two boob sessions (first one I miss Kingsley’s second Try; second one the boys are licking a vanilla Mr Whippy soft serve after the game).

Keanu has the luxury of being pushed about in his bassinet. He too sleeps most of the day though wakes in a startle when I screech from the sidelines as Kingsley runs the length of the field to score the Dolphin’s first Try.