06-12-16 Last Day in Orlando

Tuesday 6th December 2016

Our final day in Orlando is marked with our favourite breakfast at this family friendly hotel, taken in our usual best booth: porridge, yoghurt, English muffin, fruit (me), coffee and biscuits n gravy (Erroll) and not much at all other than apple juice for a very excitable Kingsley who somehow befriends a hotel manager, runs off with her, and returns with a fist full of tokens for the hotel’s penny arcade.

Now I have less than zero chance of feeding him even a slice of toast, for Kingsley remembers a promise his Ba-Bâh made yesterday that ‘tomorrow I will take you to play games at the penny arcade’. So off they go and I remain in the booth mindlessly eating when I really should be either packing for this afternoon’s flight or going for a run.

So I reminisce on this family vacation and the many highlights for Erroll and I as parents: Kingsley taking down his shorts to do wee; his willingness and now ability to put on and take off his socks; ordering some fries from the hotel restaurant on the afternoon we arrived; sitting calmly at a table to eat them, and most momentous of all, sleeping on his own in his own bed, not waking through the night, allowing us weary parents to finally receive a full nights sleep. Disney, you have really paid dividends to us!