09-03-20 Kingsley: Jiu-jitsu

Monday 9th March 2020

Day 4 of Erroll working while I’ve got all 3. Now I know how easily mums of big families can snap. For the tiniest infraction Kingsley cops it. For not complying with my demands I yell. Poor kid. Each time he yells back or gives me a snack on the bum. Neither of us are liking the vibe so I switch it, and give him loving. When he says ‘you’re the worst mum in the world and I don’t like you’ I reply with ‘well I LOVE you’.

We end up having long showers and playing games while I scrub his stinky toes. Then in bed we jump a quiet read is out of the question with Elektra with us. He’s pooped in the extreme, after a full day of school, an impromptu after school Playdate with Jesse, bus up to Bondi Junction then jiu-jitsu with his buddies sweating it hard as Sensei Mike teaches them submissions, choke holds and arm bars.

Its exhilarating stuff but all the boys want to do after class is chase each other playing tag. And I let them blow off steam.

Linus passes out as does his sister and before I know it Erroll walks through the door and herewith begins 7 days at  home.