20-03-19 Twins: First time out

Wednesday 20th March 2019

You’re double in size now. At 57 days of age you’ve both found your voice, use it LOUDLY when hunger strikes (around 8 times per 24 hour), love to drain your bottles of milk, holler for more, become irritated whenever we interrupt a feed to burp you, get pissed off if a second bottle isn’t produced and love your dummies. I do too! As orally fixated creatures you definitely benefit from sucking on something and this time round it ain’t gonna be my boobs.

We got out of the house today – just mumma and the twins. A real achievement! No tears either. I wore Elektra and pushed Keanu all the way to Coogee Public School for the afternoon run. Miss Panousis Kingsley’s kindy teacher and the KP kindy mums gathered round the sleeping babies. Kingsley was careful to introduce his sister and brother to his beloved teacher with a big smile; no one would know that but 3 weeks ago Erroll caught Kingsley ‘placing’ a pillow over Keanu’s face.

Now your big bro is terribly proud to have you in his life. The worst today saw was Kingsley chucking my hat over Keanu’s face. Over and over again.