09-02-20 Twins: Cabin Fever

Sunday 9th February 2020

Rain has bucketed down on our house for the past 24 hours. With no rest to the deluge. Our earth is soaked through. We didn’t leave the house. And miraculously no one got cabin fever. Elektra went napping twice once with me (morning nap: we both passed out) and Keanu put down by the magical hands of Erroll whi has given me – just from his presence here today this raining Sunday – so much stress free relief.

All babies are recovered from the HF&M though teething is agony for Elektra who bites my shoulders and yelps for help. Neurofen does the trick!

Now almost 1am, Keanu slumbers in his cot, Elektra with her new bed rail in place, Kingsley read one book and I Alice in Wonderland falling asleep immediately thereafter. Highlights of the day: babies attempting to call out ‘γιαγια’ when they see her, and how fast they crawl on all fours to find one of us to play with.