16-03-20 Twins: Panic Buying

Monday 16th March 2020

Today the chuppa chups witnessed panic buying and hysterical scenes at Randwick Coles. People lining up for hours to be handed one packet of toilet paper and kitchen rolls. Nothing left on the shelves: no rice, pasta, cans of vegetables nor soup, certainly no eggs or flour, sugar or crackers. No long life milk nor breakfast cereal. And forget about tissues, wet wipes and pain relief paracetamol.

Kiddies were fed squeezies yoghurts and break as we watched chaos creep into ordinary Australians’ minds. The e drive to hoard is great. I rang mum afew times as before my very eyes all the meats and chicken were taken.

But we didn’t just shop today. We also opened pressies such as this Abbey Doll from David Wheatley.