11-10-20 Kingsley: Luna Park

Sunday 11th October 2020

As a thank you to Marcus for flipping burgers at the twins Baby Disco six months later we take him to Luna Park. We meet at 10:30am already the sun blazing and our harbour sparkling the three boys rush in to ride every single amusement that can be crammed into 5 hours. Zennia and I bid them farewell for today we explore on foot Lavender Bay. We eat oranges while Elektra sleeps avd a wired Keanu watches a bush Turkey scratch the ground.

Erroll, Kingsley and Marcus eat wagyu beef burgers & fries after two goes on the Wild Mouse. Erroll ready to cry because he is convinced the mouse he’s sitting on will be flung off its tracks. Kingsley meanwhile is laughing uncontrollably; no headspins from dizziness.

Last time we were here was to celebrate Kingsley turning 5 back in December 2018. My present to the child: tickets to Luna Park. Fast forward to today almost 2 years later and the fun continues. Luna Park is definitely Kingsley’s favourite place and we’ll be back in 2021.