Kingsley: France Summer ’18

Sunday 12th August 2018

There was a moment last week (just one!) when I hesitated to book our flights to Lyon, France. A feeling completely alien to me; one I didn’t know what to do with because I didn’t believe it: ‘can I handle another overseas flight /trip/itinerary/demands with Kingsley?’

In Athens – Ready to board

Of course I kicked the silly thought to the curb. Because it is nonsense and the proof of its silliness is that our three hour flight on Aegean and all the transits in Athens airport, Lyon airport and getting into Lyon itself has been a dream because Kingsley is with me.

On board Aegean bound for Lyon

The champ is my travel buddy and has always been, ever since JiaJia Dora and I took him to Athens as a 2 month old…then to Brisbane as a 3 month old then down to Sydney till 4 months of age before heading back to Dubai to settle in / build up some annual leave and leave again this time for Saronītha as a 10 month old!

Lyon in the summer is already a breeze with the chipper and confident Kingsley by my side to help me say ‘bonjour’ and ‘merci!’ and ‘au revoir’ to complete strangers.