11-12-20 Kingsley: Thanking Miss Sanzari

Friday 11th December 2020

Today we give thanks show appreciation and practice gratitude in ways which make the other person feel valued. We’ve been enacting thankfullness for as long as Kingsley has been receiving gifts but more so these past two years where he has been able to write, or take a video or agree to a picture. He’s conscious now of making the giver feel they are appreciated, that their present has found a place in our home and that their thoughtfulness has boosted our lives.

Today its classmate Alyra who recieved photos, a video or three and Kingsley’s ‘I love you Alyra’ messages as he obsessively wears his Elite NERF Personal Launcher on his wrist.

And he’s not to drive off to school without writing Miss Sanzari a card to thank her for the tuition which led to his receiving a Principals Award at Assembly. She gets a card plus a package of treats. And he is instructed to hand deliver it to her, with a hug.