07-01-20 Twins: Big Nap

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Today big bro Kingsley turns 6 years and one month. Where did that month go? Well I’ll tell you where Kingsley went today: tennis camp. Day 2 of this week which means you two babies have daddy and I all to yourselves. And because its all quiet in the house you both nap over 2 hours each, straight after breakfast. It’s so calm in the house that daddy and I actually have 15 minutes to ourselves. Alonetime. Then you both wake and demand lunch. Relentless!

The afternoon is not so calm. We as a family of 5 head out to watch Kingsley at jiu-jitsu, and do a shop at Woolies. One squeezy vanilla bean yoghurt (so advanced!) then one banana each you’re both satisfied when stuffing food in your mouth or of course your addiction: gost milk. One litre a day we go through! That’s $5 just on milk per day!

But look at your healthy selves. Its one of three things we prioritise: high nutrition, enough sleep, outdoor pursuits. All 3 Hartley babies.