06-03-19 Twins: 6 Weeks

Wednesday 6th March 2019

Yippee Erroll is here at home from today for 3 days straight. He can focus on Kingsley (who by the way vomited all over the interior of our new car after school!) While I deal with babies.

The babies want the same things these days. In order of preference in my humble opinion: 1) milk, 2) clean bum/ fresh nappy, 3) to be held, 4) sleep.

Today they both at different times take a snooze with me. They’re ravenous and seem to care little who feeds them. All 3 adults have that privileged ever since a) the Medela Symphony (at $130 per month) and b) Aptamil Gold (at $25 per can) came into my life.

My boobs continue to ache engorged moon rocks that they are. Pumping these days is my friend; the twins’ tiny razor gums are definitely not!

Epilogue: they sprout first teeth at age 9 months, each baby will have two bottom teeth pop out for the first time when we’re in Greece, at the beginning of November.