24-01-18 Oz Day 3

Wednesday 24th January 2018

Kiora Darling From Auckland,
Wow from your email and chat on the phone it sounds like it is all systems go at the Tzannetis residence.I am sure K is keeping very busy playing and receiving a whole lot of love from the family.It was great seeing mum unfortunately I had to change trains due to a technical problem at Nerang it took 2 hours but eventually arrived.We exchanged gifts and by the way mum loved the Tory Burch shoes which you picked out you know!Mum also gifted us an amazing colliage of photos in a frame of memories.Mum took it back to her place so it wouldn’t get damaged and since we are moving back to Oz.I have Christmas and birthday gifts for you and K from mum and Annamiek that I am bringing back to dxb so you both can open them when you are home.I will be leaving in a few hours to head back to Brisbane.I have kept to myself in Auckland went for a jog to mission bay had some dinner then sleepy times.I hope you and K are over the jet lague.When are you seeing Steve Rosen my sweet?Did you go and get your hair done by Scott and have a catch up?Very soon you will be visiting with Isle,the cousins,Annamiek and TILLY what a blast that will be for you all!I read the info regarding tourist visa’s that you sent so every thirty days you and K have to exit Dubai.I will make sure it will be sorted for both of you so therefore I will bid for Paris,Glasgow and Chicago.When your visa is cancelled when you get back to Dubai you will then have thirty days from then.Darling I know that there is a lot to do before moving back to oz and when we get home but please know you have my full support and commitment to get things taken care of so that is a smooth transition.Please know I love you and K very much!
It is now time to get ready for my flight.
Luv,Luv from the South Island.xxxx
Hi my hero!
That was a fantastic email to open! Thank you! !

1) saw Steve Rosen- Sylvia took me! I took all the tax paperwork amd the tax return is underway!

2) Hair is done! Ive gone darker darking. Gone is the Dubai rust. Its a rich chocolate now. Ooh!

3) ilse & I are together on Friday. Her youngest just turned 1! I might give him something from Kingsley’s old clothes darling.

4) totally excited to be seeing MIKA & TILLY!! mika & i are hanging out on Saturday. Lots of gifts to give and i am super super happy that Linus will play with Tilly

5) Today being Wednesday 24th Scott came over/drove me from Bondi AND WE HAD A POOL PARTY!! He brought us gifts from China – Linusloved his gift. Its a ceramic cat you add water to & seeds & soil, and you watch grass grow out of kitty’s head. Linus was in shock & awe! The pool party was in the wading pool to which I added pomegranate body wash so it frothed up. Madness!

7) Kingsley doesn’t stop: every day plays with his toys & games his current favourite is ‘Operation’ by Milton Bradley

8) Dora feeds him chicken & rice. He has a big appetite. Its like he’s a body builder love…

9) Our comfort & safety will be assured coming here once we repatriate. Rest assured!

I love you!