21-06-20 Kingsley: Jesse Playdate

Sunday 21st June 2020

Finally the day has arrived: The marathon 5 hour Playdate with Jesse Kingsley has been counting down for.

At precisely 12noon while the three kids and I are returning home from our morning walk, we spot Jesse running toward us as we head up Brook Street. Dump his bag, turn on our heels and make out exit destined for the beach, the sand and seagulls. While Elektra sleeps (yay) Keanu watches the lads jump onto the sand and rumble. All pockets socks and shoes are filled with sand I cannot stand it but they don’t seem to mind. I have them peg mouldy bread at the seagulls in order to entertain the now woke Elektra then practice cart wheels and handstands on the grass in order to shake off all the beach they’re carrying.

Up to Woollies for an ice cream, I’m thinking a yoghurt Bulla. They’re thinking a lurid purple Bubble O’Bill. The boys win out. This is their first of two ice creams for the day, the second one (finally the reasonably healthy Bulla) only to be consumed once both boys finish off all the pasta in their bowls.

And sure enough they do, at the low kiddies table the one Elektra & Keanu sit at to ‘draw’. Today all four kids ate their lunch here!

Of course 5 hours together is not enough, Kingsley begging to keep Jesse here longer, even till dark. So we call Kavita and sure enough the boys win out again, Jesse staying a full 6 hours with us the final hour jumping on the trampoline this time no head cracks nor nose bleeds.