31-03-20 Twins: 6 Hour Walk

Tuesday 31st March 2020

You two are walked for 6 hours straight today. From 10:30am till 4:30 when we walk through the door, we three are on the road. Can’t stand being in doors even through this horrible Covid-19 pabdemic. Encouraged to stay home and to avoid others our government enacted a new rule of no more than 2 persons to be together out doors. Blessings that Kingsley remains in school which gives me time with these two and Erroll time to work around the yard.

So we three walk up to Bondi Junction, shop at Woolies, be spritzed with sanitizer by an ex Qantas staff, wander about, eat lunch, walk more, stroll to Randwick, then to the (closed) beach then home. Two naps each and very chatty you are both delightful all day and not one year.

Elektra won’t be seen without her accessories especially her buttercup yellow headband and Keanu lining up each interaction only to get his πιπίλα back in his mouth.