Kingsley: The Palace

Sunday 8th March 2015

Sunday mornings used to be a rushed and unpleasant affair in the Hartley household. Without any exaggeration, our day would begin as a nerve wracking affair what with preparing Kingsley for a full day at nursery complete with ensuring I packed enough food to last him till either Erroll or I managed to escape work before 7PM and collect the little tike…all the while attempting to get ready for my own day (hair, makeup, nails, attire, shoes, God help me…) at the office tethered to the computer.

Nowadays, Sundays are much more relaxed and to be quite honest, what they were meant to be like: reserved for family to connect, and to have adventures!

Today this is exactly what Kingsley and I did: we took ourselves on an adventure through Downtown and into The Palace, one of my favourite hotels. Here, we met the Arabic Coffee Guy who poured me a delicious cardamom-infused cup, and offered us premium dates sourced from Saudi Arabia (I ate two; could have eaten twenty). Kingsley was charm itself and his good manners scored him a gift: a plush camel from the front office staff.

Steamroller Sundays are a thing of the past. Here’s to Funday Sundays and plenty of dates, coffees and visiting five star properties with the little man.

With the exotic front of house hostess, Gabi

With the exotic front of house hostess, Gabi

With the Arabic Coffee Guy

With the Arabic Coffee Guy


‘Horse’ by Colombian artist Fernando Botero in front of the Burj Khalifa


Kingsley enjoying a rusk with his new stuffed camel


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