12-08-18 Lyon Bound!

Sunday 12th August 2018

Its been almost two years since we visited France, practiced our French and most importantly seen our great friends Kym & Natan. I wasn’t letting this opportunity go to waste; Kym invited us to stay at their family holiday home in Autrans, Erroll gave his blessing for us and I booked the tickets!

You were a real champ today both at Athens Airport and on board Aegean Airlines: fun, outgoing, self-sufficient (you actually allowed me to close my eyes/rest/pass out on board, though I woke literally covered in stickers). Even ate some of your παστίτσιο (sadly you did not polish it off so I – first time everrrr – gobbled up both yours and mine). You found it hilarious even asking to see my (newly round) belly and stroke the ‘egg’.

Upon touchdown in Lyon we both feel 100% at home and extremely comforted; all we see is rolling green fertile farms, lush forests, Renaissance-era architecture, rational design and cleanliness…and this after we passed over des Alpes covered in show, and lets not forget about that glacier!!

Our first day in Lyon centres around the magnificent Parc de la Tête d’Or and the Lyon Zoo quite lovely as far as zoos go as many of the animals are roaming in large enclosures. And it is free.

We spent ages trying to count the turtles at the Lyon Zoo – there are over 1,000! But what got Kingsley thrilled was not the lions or jaguars, monkeys or giraffes, it was going ‘horse racing’ on ponies attached to tricycles.

In one of the many enclosed children’s playgrounds within the Parc was one unbelievably beautiful fairground where carousels lit up and attractions are all geared to the child’s amusement. Here we found ‘pony racing’. Kiddies hop on a low tricycle which is attached to a ‘pony’ (on wheels) harnesses manoeuvring the pony to the left and to the right and off they all trot through a course like a jockey pros!

A choo-choo train ride, visiting various playgrounds and enjoying the beautuful zoo animals was just the start. Lyon, you’re already in our hearts.