10-02-21 Kingsley: Greek School Homework

Wednesday 10th February 2021

Kingsley is not at all interested in Greek school homework especially if it is asked of him as soon as he gets home. But I am a tyrant for homework; if it is asked of him it must be completed. He toils, I yell, he writes so messily, I yell, he cries; protests its TOO HARD, calls me the worst mum, I give him the option to stop – that we can do it another day. The instant I back off he leans in; says ‘I want to finish it now, quickly’. So we tackle the Greek Alphabet. Tomorrow we can complete the rest of the homework – actual sentences. God won’t I hear the protests then!

Evening ends calmly though. With Erroll wishing to sleep the babies I have a rare chance at bonding with my Linus. He wants to complete his LEGO set, and we do so. He wants to swap sides of the bed; by all means. He wants two books read to him one Greek one English. Sure thing. Then lights out our boy passes out in my arms.