Boob Machine

6th February 2016

There is no denying him: the savage Boob Machine must have his way when confused, distressed, anxious, tired. No longer am I the Udder  Mumaa to Kingsley – for he enjoys his eggs for breakfast, salmon for lunch and pasta for dinner -; these boobs are his go-to pillows of shelter, comfort, safety these days.

Breastfeeding a toddler as tall, chatty and ‘built’ as Kingsley certainly draws out friend’s curiosity on the matter. You see, he asks for it now (and has for some time, the bilinguist that he is):’Vizi, VIZIIII!!’, he yells…

But as I explain to them, breastfeeding not only perks him up and energizes him when he is tired, it also soothes his frustrations, bumps and daily stresses of early life. In fact, it suits us both right now because this is part of my own attempts in helping our son make a gradual transition to childhood.

Soon enough, he will stop and I will reclaim back these battered boobs, perhaps even offer them dressed in satin, on a platter to Mr. Wonderful who each night sits up in bed, watching our son, the Boob Machine, fall soundly asleep without so much of a peep, other than the final slurp..then it’s blissful lights out for us all!

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