04-06-18 Daddy Morning School Run

Monday 4th June 2018

Impossible to wake to wake the child this morning. Even after a full 12 hours sleep in his daddy’s arms the alarm clock does nothing to rouse him. By 8am our blinds are up and I’m frying eggs. He’s getting the usual killer protein breakfast that’s building his Adonis-like torso: organic goats milk then banana then two eggs sunny side up. Kingsley literally skips downstairs to the waiting school bus his daddy beaming from pride.

Indeed Erroll is hands on for his first school run: teeth cleaned, breakfast on the balcony, promises exchanged (eat your breakfast; we shall go swimming this arvo; if you finish your eggs I’ll take you for souvlaki, etc).

They do go swimming this arvo and they do hit our local taverna for a couple of souvlaki. Which means I received a full two hours to myself at home to bathe uninterrupted. First time in three weeks. Kid fed, husband fed, mumma clean.