09-04-17 Sea-Urchins

Sunday 9th April 2017

From the hours of 11:30 through 3pm two little mates explored the craggy coast of the Saronic Gulf. While Markělle-Kingsley’s bestie here – is a confident explorer of sealife, our son needed some time to get his head around touching and holding sea urchins. Miss Macy showed him how its done: gently and softly reach out to the urchin spikes and with miniscule rocking movements dislodge the creature from its rockpool. Next, cradle the urchin in your soft palm as though its in a cup and don’t fret when those spikes start moving about!

Success! Today Kingsley held in his palm a sea urchin. Delighted! And all was going well till it wiggled…and straight back into the sea it went.