Kingsley: Breastfeeding Pt 1

2nd July 2014

My breastfeeding career seems to go from strength to strength. Soon we complete six months of exclusive breastfeeding. Kingsley is now a pro at finding the boob and latching with a vacuum seal that efficiently suctions on. He merrily suckles away, to his heart (and belly’s) desire.

This afternoon, as a family we went for swims at our local pool. It felt as though Dubai was melting today such was the sonic heat and relentless sunshine. Blindingly bright, and hot, and uncomfortable; there was nothing to do but swim and hydrate. Kingsley took to the pool with his dad, splashing merrily away. Squeals of delight told me that our boy was loving rough and tumble play. When he had had enough of being dunked and swished about by his father, all Kingsley wanted was the breast…

After a swim comes thirst

After a swim comes thirst


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