26-05-19 Twins: Cousin Jeremy’s Bday Party

Sunday 26th May 2019

Its a minor miracle: we are out the door and en route to the twins’ oldest cousin Jeremy’s 30th birthday party. Uncle Costa fetches us at 1:15pm (as daddy is working) and deposits us 12 minutes later at glorious Malabar for a feast. I’ve plenty of help as soon as we arrive: Adoni & Skye take charge of our freshly wrapped burritos in Bonds…

Then Sylvia takes charge feeding each one in turn bottles of ‘nutritionally complete’ Aptamil (and I’ll repeat that phrase to erase my guilt in using formula). This of course gives me the space to enjoy Kingsley whose entertainment is assured with the bag of toys I bring plus Skye’s two girls who play with him with great glee.

Babies both pass out and us adults are left to enjoy the seasfood extravaganza Marlen puts on for us guests who’ve come to celebrate Jeremy’s birthday.