03-10-17 Phædon

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

I shook up your usual after school routine today since JiaJia Dora is away in Athens and the weather has come over like summer again. So instead of going for long walks up to the ‘mountains’ (as you like to call our hikes through the streets of Saronītha) we hit the beach then hang out at the Foūrno for a big circular kouloūri.

Your newest cool little pal from the playground, Phædon, and his mum join us. Well, its like you are the most popular boy in town! You are mega happy about their joining us so much so you get up out of your seat and drag another seat toward our table for Phædon to sit on. With every cell in your body you urge our friends to ‘come, sit with us.’ And even offer Phædon some tasty kouloūri to eat (his mum warning Phædon that he must eat his lunch soon so there will be no sharing of the treat today).

Mother and son whisper something to one another, turn to you and ask whether you like Paw Patrol. Do you ever! Who’s your favourite, they ask. Without skipping a beat you yell Chase! And with that knowledge the duo are off to the perīptero. ‘Mīn argīs-ete…’ Don’t be long…you holler after them, and the mum laughs.

They’re not long gone. Just enough time to buy you and Phædon each a Paw Patrol kit complete with dog, sled, mini chalkboard, chalk and eraser fashioned into the shape of a shield. Packets are ripped open, dogs placed on sleds then the fun begins. An hour of make-believe while us mums speak about our futures.

The lads are oblivious to us mums. They play, then chase two cats, play more, pose for the camera then hug. There have never been two happier boys ever born than these two…