17-05-20 Kingsley: Lachie Playdate

Sunday 17th May 2020

From the hours of 10am through to 5:30om these two 6 year olds have entertained each other non stop. Lachie Shepherd is our guest for the day and he’s treated like a son complete with being fed παστίτσιο by γιαγια’ς hands (true) to being showered and dried (after their bubble bath party in the clam) and of course endless supply of ice creams just a arm’s length away.

Kingsley shows his buddy what ψηλό Ξένια and as we do at the end of a play date, offers him a parting gift (a box of puzzles).

Right now the biggest win Kingsley can get is to be allowed to watch Netflix; this trumps playing crappy App games on the Samsung. This arvo while grocery shopping with the little ones Coogee calls. Naturally I answer knowing its mum who’s calling me. Its Kingsley! Asks me how I am! My darling! What a gentleman I’m rearing. Then without skipping a beat after I reply with a “I’m good!” he asks whether “Lachie and I can watch Netflix…”

Little scamp. I reply immediately with a “yes”.