25-06-19 Kingsley: Wrecking Ball

Tuesday 25th June 2019

Its Elektra and I who fetch Kingsley from school this arvo. She’s is a chipper mood smiling at strangers but genuinely laughing with her eyes once she sees her hero – her big brother.

We three immediately make our way to Jiu-jitsu where Kingsley loses all ability to control himself. He’s falling over kids and tripping himself over. Coach Raf gets stern; threatens afew of the kids with time in the corner. I’m surprised Kingsley isn’t sent there for what he does next: erase the names of the contenders representing GFTeam Bondi this Saturday and next Saturday.

Raf is deeply dissatisfied with such oppositional behaviour and calls for Mike who, showing his dissapointment gives the boy a strongly worded warning then sends him back onto the mat to practice his forward rolls.