Posh @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Lets face it. I am a frizzy-haired, curly-mopped poppet that is at odds with her oppositional locks who insist on their wild ways and will not be subdued. Ever. Or so I thought…

…until I met super-stylist Davide. Shall I sing his praises now? Or will you wait till dazzled by the sight of my shiny flicks of mellow gold and deep caramel tamed and lovingly brought to life at his hands…

Hair by Genius Stylist Davide @ POSH, Burj Al Arab

Hair by Genius Stylist Davide @ POSH, Burj Al Arab

Davide is an institution in Dubai. A man with a vision of hair naturally flowing and minimally tampered with; a stylist who assesses faces, attitides, lifestyles and only then draws his attention to the hair which requires recalibration. I found Davide at POSH Salon @ Burj Al Arab – an establishment firmly centered in Dubai’s beauty-culture psyche.

Hair by Genius Stylist Davide @ POSH, Burj Al Arab

Hair by Genius Stylist Davide @ POSH, Burj Al Arab

Straight to the diagnosis: unruly, coloured, blonded, heavily processed and dehydrated course hair with a tendency to frizz, twist upon itself then curl madly. That would be me. And I dare say many women living in the desert heat / outrageously chilly airconditioned climate of Dubai.

Davide’s sage advice: hair like this needs protein; craves nourishment. And curly hair moreso: the less touching it the better it looks. That means no hair dryer and certainly no brushing. Forget about washing it daily with shampoo. That would spell disaster. Go for deep conditioners, and leave-in treatments.

Davide giving me a lesson in styling my locks

Davide giving me a lesson in styling my locks

Coarse curly hair is special, I’m told. Its got its own desires. Need it dried? Firstly pat it dry. No rubbing. Gently pat and squeeze excess moisture. Lather it with a leave in conditioner. Then apply styling cream: section hair, then create even smaller sections and begin applying product 2-3 inches away from the roots. Use a diffuser. Bundle up locks of hair straight into the diffuser, set a maximum heat and a low speed.

Davide explaining the use of styling products

Davide explaining the use of styling products

Today, Davide and I decide to create a flowing Greek goddess crown for my look. This means tampering with my hair. And it certainly means breaking all the above rules. So out comes the blow dryer and out comes the brush. Huh? But in the hands of a professional, these instruments do no harm. Davide takes sections of my hair and blow dries them at the roots. He explains that concentrating the dryer and brush at the roots, the straightening action is directed down to the ends. And the ends do not burn to a crisp.

He is using a big big brush and explains why: big round brushes produce better bounce for long hair. Once dry its time to spray the hair all over with a new generation setting spray then layer with smoothing serum. Not too much of the goo; just two drops.

Stylist Extraordinaire Davide and Alice's happy hair

Stylist Extraordinaire Davide and Alice’s happy hair

Now to the style Davide produced for me: in keeping with my personality (vivacious) and activity levels (high), Davide’s philosophy calls to translate these character traits to the physical hair style itself. That is, keep some of the elements of the person. So for this unconventional blowdry I got “Goddess Status”. Gorgeous flowing lockets of hair that drape divinely across my shoulder and fall in luxury down my back. Smooth and bouncy.

Davide set his sights on developing the appearance of thickness at the ends (when in reality my ends are brittle), and easy movement about my face. Poker straight hair is not me, as much as I am not a straight, staid, sedate kinda gal!

Hair by Davide - POSH @ Burj Al Arab

Hair by Davide – POSH @ Burj Al Arab

To finish the look, Davide used his nimble fingers to direct the flow of my hair. Viola! I have fallen back in love with my look. Clever Davide. You genius!

If your hair is due for attention and proper care call on Davide at POSH @ the Burj Al Arab. He’ll be waiting for you, brush in hand, dryer in the other, on the 18th floor.

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