10-11-18 Reunions with the Dutchies

Saturday 10th November 2018

Glorious Spring Saturday in Clovelly meeting up with Kingsley’s three second cousins Zac, Josh and Noah. Our rendezvous is 750 meters up Arden Street at Bernie Park. We walk there. Kingsley can’t be bothered so Erroll carries him on his shoulders.

With the first sighting of each other the four boys leap into play. Sam’s boys are into cricket. Kingsley wants to play chasings. All polish off the cheesy shell pasta I brought in a tupperware.

Afterwards the Hartleys hit Bondi Junction via another park (miraculously Kingsley’s energy kicks up a notch at the sight of monkey bars etc). Macpherson Park has a spiders climbing web and bubbler. Third play area is at Westfields outside Target. I’m exhausted just watching the child at it.

By 3:30 the lads have deposited me at home and are body surfing at coogee beach. I bake madelines and feel very heavy. And round. Am eating alot these days. Kingsley’s taken to hugging my belly and kissing the bebĕs.