Kingsley: Travel Adventure

1st October 2014

At nine months of age, Kingsley is embarking on a Grecian Odyssey, flying the friendly skies to the land of my forebears. Here he will bathe in the Aegean, eat sand, fish and yoghurt, and learn to stand on his wobbly legs, unaided, albeit for a total of four seconds. Greek will be the only language his ears hear for fifteen days.

The original Odyssey is a poem which is fundamental to the modern Western canon, and is the second oldest work of Western literature, the Iliad being the oldest. The great poet Ὅμηρος (otherwise known as Homer) created history with these poems some time around 850 BC.

Well in my mind, our son creates the very best of history, just by being his lively self. Here is Kingsley’s Odyssey, a pictorial version…

Greece Day 1 023

Greece Day 1 018 Greece Day 1 037

016 025 037 064 072 078 097 106 114 121 126 132 140 144 150

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