01-09-20 Twins: Visiting Maria & Gavino

Tuesday 1st September 2020

We keep a very teary Kingsley home from school today since his tonsillitis is too painful even to swallow. He gets Netflix all morning then bakes κουλουράκια with Γιαγιά all arvo. Meanwhile we take the babies for a play in our front yard. Immediately they go from grizzly stuck indoors to laughing and frolicsome when the morning sun shines on their little heads. We add the watering hose, point them in the direction of the plants and hope for the best.

That morning play is the surety I need for their day nap. And sure enough they both pass out en route to Maria & Gavino’s where we spend the arvo. Keanu in a first stays asleep in the car when we get there which only serves to give me time to change Elektra. Of course she does a poo from excitement of the visit.

Once Keanu is up we’re all out the back on swings, slides and trampolines. Last time we were here the babies were crawling. Now they’re RUNNING! And eating Maria’s home made ham & cheese puffs.