12-01-21 Twins: Notre Dame

Tuesday 12th January 2021

I must schlep the babies to uni with me. They do great especially the wee and poo explosions at the library. Thankfully librarian Sylvana gives us a private study room, some toys and shuts the door behind her.

Erroll drops us off at Broadway. They’re s but grizzly as its nap time but then the full on inconsolable crying hysterically over a broken tricycle we had in the back of the car ready to be ditched. Well Keanu spots it, wants it and is beside himself crying to the point of being sick. I want my tricycle!! That’s all! But then the hysteria takes on a life of its own. I must away and sooth the boy, hopefully sleep him too.

So round and round shady Blackfriar Lane we stroll soon enough the crying stops and both babies accept their milk bottles, I find an abandoned chair and smack in the middle of the pedestrian pavement I sit and will these babies to sleep. They do. Its a miracle.

One blessed hour of quiet and resting. And when they wake both babies are jolly and ready for a feed. Off we go to my new university Notre Dame to enrol in subjects for mumma is destined to become a nurse!

Tonight’s revelations: while attempting to put the babies to bed tonight Elektra astounds me by chattering to herself, holds a toy in each hand and says, looking alternate to one then the other “this or this?”. I’m floored!

Keanu completely understands all instructions whether in Greek or English. Tonight I ask him to pick up my clean socks and place them in the drawer. He bounds at the chance to bea helper. What he also does though is snake his way out of the moving double buggy and insist on walking up Brook street all the way home!