27-05-20 Twins: Cousins Gray Over

Wednesday 27th May 2020

Elektra is in the habit of thwacking her smaller cousin Goldie over the head, a symptom of Kingsley’s rough handling of his sister. Most mornings Kingsley jumps into bed with Elektra and I and the jiu-jitsu moves quickly follow.

Keanu on the other hand is sweet and apart from his mad affliction to the πιπίλα displays nothing but kindness, patience, generosity. His lower lip quivers giving way to quiet crying however, whenever Elektra thwacks him or pulls his hair but he rallies his power wherever she steals a toy he’s playing with – he doesn’t let go of a car or plastic mobile phone easily.

Here Keanu wears Erroll’s top and shorts lovingly stored by Oma for 40 years.