06-01-21 Kingsley: Reading by Force

Wednesday 6th January 2021

A full day spent at home mainly playing daft apps, alot of the time protesting how I enforce reading, and some pleasurable pursuits such as fixing Γιαγιά pancakes.

This morning Kingsley wakes with Γιαγιά and by her accounts they slept soundly together, he didn’t steal the blanket, and respected the rule not to wake the babies too early. Of course he sneaks into this bedroom to ask where the phone is. I’m too delirious to argue my point nor do I want these twins woken. After all I’m by myself – Erroll interstate – with three kiddies. Arghhh!

Poor darling eldest child had no Playdates nor outdoor pursuits today. Its reading, playing apps, rumbling the babies and creating hysterics whenever I ask for my phone back. Welcome to the 7’s!