10-12-17 Physio for Mummà

Sunday 10th December 2017

3am, in our bedroom. Insomnia strikes. Kingsley is in deep sleep next to me in fact glued to my left side with full body contact. 

Erroll is away in chilly Venice-his first time there and although he invited us to fly with him I said no; Kingsley and I will stay in Dubai but miss him terribly. Anyhow we have a full agenda so the kiddo will be amused.

At my first Physio (assessment) appointment and Kingsley is restless; he’d rather be outside in the Kiddies TV area than in the clinic listening to his mum drone on about her lower back. I let him out of the door; he wants to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons outside. But soon he’s back knocking on the door – lost, and can’t find his way…and would I take him there. Er, no. Its YouTube for him then.

Later, we explore fantastic Souk AlBahar and Burj Square. The weather is extraordinary: cool, breezy, mild. His memory is sharp, recalling the giant Burj slippery slide and how to get there; the decorative animal art installation (foxes, birds, crocodiles, turtles & snails) at Burj Square, all for little feet to climb upon; the man made waterfall running between the Burj Khalifa and the Opera House. He knows this is his hometown and brings to my attention land forms and attractions we’ve explored together in the past.

Here is our day…