16-12-19 Twins: With the Two Grans

Monday 16th December 2019

As a first in your short 10 months of life daddy and mumma leave you both for a few hours with yiur two grandma’s: Γιαγιά and Oma. I won’t lie, I felt a tiny bit nervous that at least one of you would be distressed and / or would find it impossible to nap.

Well wasn’t I mistaken: while we strolled the cliffs of Clovelly, Oma put Elektra to sleep with her bottle and by running her forehead. Keanu amazed us all by trying to crawl, reaching forward for his favourite soft ball. Videos sent to me are all of the babies squealing in delight that Oma is playing with them.

I’m so grateful Oma came over today. Both of us are. And look, we beam from relief of having time alone. Just this once in your 10 months of life!