Stay at Home Mumáa: Sibling

Monday 22nd February 2016

I have been endlessly ruminating on giving Kingsley a sibling to play with lately, such is his great enthusiasm when ever we are on a play date or bump into another toddler in the street or at the park. He is genuinely interested in the other little person, invites them to play (in Greek of course: ‘Ela, ela!!’, he yells while waving his hand in a forward fashion for them to approach, bless him) and gives up his toy car voluntarily for the other to hold.

So it’s no surprise that a discussion between Erroll and I on growing our family has now come up. You see I am broody, feeling a little guilty that we haven’t as yet started any baby-making process, and fully conscience of my age. Would ICSI work for us again? Have I exhausted my egg reserves?? Will Kingsley miss out on vital socializing milestones without a sibling??? My heart hurts from it all.

Erroll is the sensible one on such matters. We have the prize, he declares, shifting his gaze to our extraordinary son as he watches his favourite little penguin, Pingu, on YouTube. Their manly bond grows by the day. I enjoy immensely tending to our home and preparing nutritious meals for them. My mind drifts to the fantasy of tending to an even bigger brood.

We agree to see how the chips fall on this one, my guilt at having delayed a fresh round of IVF becoming less distinguishable as our big boy Kingsley shakes our of his Pingu trance and demands ‘VIZI’. Ahhh, Kingsley and his boob addiction….


At the Dubai Zoo with baby Haarleen