Kingsley: 9th Oct Greece

Thursday 9th October 2014

Jiajia Dora left for Athens today, on a big Greyhound, leaving King and I to experience Saronida all by ourselves for twenty four hours. She had to attend to some business at her solicitor concerning my dad’s last will and testament. So after waving her off at the bus stop, and dressed in our beachwear, we took ourselves to my special hideaway cove, one I used to walk to years ago: a tiny favourite beach which I thought to introduce to my son.

Meanwhile Erroll’s trip to Paris to meet up with Kym, Jerome and Natan, did not go as planned. A snap strike on the railway system had him stranded an hour from Kym and an hour from his hotel. Right in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say the friends did not rendezvous as planned…and Erroll was forced to bring all the way back to Dubai that wonderful Cocoonababy which saw Kingsley’s formative first months through.

Meanwhile we in Greece sea-bathe, swim, nap, eat and do it all again…

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