06-03-19 Kingsley: Vomit

Wednesday 6th March 2019

We should have listened closer to Kingsley this morning as he complained of a sore tummy. Ignoring it, force feeding him a breakfast of buttery crumpets and mushy banana, throwing 7 mL of panadol down his throat then shipping him to school, made for the worst combination. For this arvo straight after being buckled into his seat Kingsley projectile vomits all through the interior of out brand new car.

This of course caused Erroll to dry gag all the way home from Bondi Junction. And worse! The unfortunate incident occurred having left Jiu-jitsu and driving up the ramp of the Westfield carpark to get to street level. A prisoner of the carpark! Erroll had nowhere to go! And the child kept vomiting till they reached Hollywood Avenue.

At home I take over. Erroll must away to get the car professionally cleaned before the rot of stench sets in to the fabric of our Tiguan’s interior. No dinner, no appetite, no energy, our big boy actually asks for early bed so in we go at 6:15 and afew stories later from the book ‘The Gods of Mount Olympus’ he’s in dreamland.