03-07-20 Twins: Daddy’s on Standby

Friday 3rd July 2020

Its wild scenes this morning trying to get Kingsley dressed and fed and out the door on time to attend his last day of school for this term, all the while tending to the twins who are particularly active and clingy. Daddy’s on Standby at the airport having left home at 6am and shortly thereafter Keanu waking which served to wake Elektra. This causes Kingsley to startle and run from bedroom to bedroom as the babies bellow in unison.

Elektra accompanies us to school and I must admit its fun walking with Kingsley to the school gate (I literally don’t remember the last time I did so) while strolling one baby (note I write one baby not two!). She’s in her element being pushed by big bro. Keanu stays with Jiajia to be fed feta cheese and Lebanese cruskets dipped in milky bread.

The babies and I spend precious time in the front garden, here in the fresh air they never whine or get clingy. So much to discover their favourite destination being the bowls we fill with water for birds to wash in. Both argue over the same ride-on toy, pulling each other’s hair and hitting one another often over the head.

The serenity of a play in the garden wanes giving way to two tyrants over tired and out of control so into the pram they go. Our destination Queens Park then the Junction. Absolute champion long distance pram walkers these two.