07-07-16 Nudie

Thursday 7th July 2016

Dubai was so stinking hot today that we got nude, had a splash party on our balcony using buckets of tap water (yay to washing all the desert and sand off the tiles), all the while cooling off. We weren’t here this time last year (five months spent in Australia) and previous years I worked in air conditioned offices, so this fortnight since returning to Dubai from Greece has been a real assault on the senses.

When today as a family we walked to the Metro Station (all of 100 meters) Kingsley remarked at how HOT it was. He tries to ‘shoo’ the sun away, poor love. I kept at him to lay back in his pram, under the shaded canopy, but the glare was blinding even for us adults wearing sunglasses. Kingsley squinted and shoo’d the sun all the way to the station.

Back at home from the mall, metro ride and walk home, we all breathe a little easier. It’s time to strip off, turn on air conditioning, drink loads of water and walk around in not much other than our necklaces. Hence the big nudie grins!

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