21-04-17 Friday Girls Lunch

Friday 21st April 2017

While Kingsley SHOT into the school bus this morning I literally was left by the sidewalk wandering how all of a sudden this boy who but 3 weeks ago was still remarkably attached to the breast can now go for a full day without his mummà.

Part proud part mourning I do my usual song and dance routine which he (and the other kids on board and Mr. Mixăli the driver and pretty Miss Xristīna enjoy too may I add) waving wildly and blowing a thousand kisses into the closing sliding side door of the school bus as it drives away. My eyes never lose sight of the happiest and most alert of the preschoolers strapped in: Dorötheos…

Friday 8:30am

So while the champ learns shapes on the classroom, I’m off to Athens for the day and get to see Danæ for lunch at The Park Radisson for a million euro view of the Acropolis and Lykavitus Hill over my deconstructed Greek salad. I can’t remember the last time my senses enjoyed such pleasures without interruption by a little person…

Lunch with Danæ

Later tonight while Kingsley was refusing to nap he told me all the fun things he got up to at school: for little George’s birthday they all sang then ate torte; for morning tea he ate tiröpita with the other kids then when he’d had enough Miss Ioānna said ‘you must have more’ and Kingsley responded with ‘but I am full now Miss’; lovely Miss Xristīna helped him to do wee three times; all the chirrens ate fakěs (lentil soup) with crusty bread for lunch; and he played with little mate Kleānthě on the see-saw and slippery slide during outdoor times.

Never a sweeter tune my ears have heard than our son’s tales from preschool.