Kingsley: Stork Bite

Our little cherub was born with the most darling mark on the back of his neck – a birth mark! Erroll and I discovered it in the second hour after Kingsley’s birth. We had left the recovery room and were settled into our suite and were admiring his perfection, up and down, and with his mouth attached to my breast his wee neck was exposed. There it was! A red blotch that marked our boy as unique and most definitely ours.

Kingsley Charles at 2 months of age - Dubai

Kingsley Charles at 2 months of age – Dubai

It turns out the birthmark Kingsley was kissed with is a Salmon Patch: nests of blood vessels that appear as small, pink, flat marks on the skin. They occur in one-third of newborn babies. Salmon patches can appear on the back of the neck (“stork bite”), between the eyes (“angel’s kiss”), or on the forehead, nose, upper lip, or eyelids. Some fade as baby grows, but patches on the back of the neck usually don’t go away.

And so our boy we will always know is ours for when the stork brought him to us the night of December 7 2013, she left her mark on our infant’s neck. A special deliver indeed.



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