01-09-16 Mumma Time: No Kid Attached.

Thursday 1st September 2016

Guess where I am today? Not at home; not with Kingsley. Nor babysitting my mum! I am glowing from happiness because I have been granted five hours all to myself, to get out pyjamas, dress up a bit, leave the apartment, kiss Kingsley farewell as he plays in the safe hands (and ultra cautious gaze) of my mum, and attend an inspiring talk by Peace Prize winner Mr. Merrill Joseph Fernando, the fellow with a vision made into reality to share his business success with his fellow countryman in Sri Lanka.

In these photos I sip pure, single source Dilmah Celon tea mixed with organic kale and bananas out the front of the Pullman Hotel Deira Creek. It’s my fourth or fifth glassful of the magic potion, and I plan to have even more today. I have been invited to listen as part of Dubai’s media, to Mr. Fernando’s address on what it means to share corporate wealth with the needy. About fifty of us are served high tea while we listen to the inspiring story of how an entire nation previously exploited in the tea plantations by the British was delivered from poverty by Fernando’s company ‘Dilmah’ to share the abundance and financial gain that it’s homegrown tea would bring.

Of course I am smiling in these photos. There is a lot to smile about when one hears of such wide spread philanthropy. These are stories I will be pleased to share with my mum and son. However first, let me just enjoy these five hours of pampering, all by myself; no kid attached.

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