16-12-20 Twins: Day Nap with Mumma

Wednesday 16th December 2020

A first: for their afternoon nap the babies (and I) retreat into the bedroom. Mum actually suggested it – instead of walking for miles to nap them, just take the twins into your bedroom she said, and nap them there. Exhausted from being out all morning (rushing Kingsley to school, visiting Miss Sanzari’s class to give her the students’ end of year present and cake to cut, post office, breakfast with Quyen & Gloria), for the first time I didn’t baulk at her propose.

Milk bottles, waters, dummies, Enya on repeat a three of us pass out, for a good hours! Its Elektra who mercifully wakes first, Keanu still sleepy, but oh so glad she woke us as its 2:35pm when I check the time. Its time to fetch Kingsley!

Leaving Keanu with Γιαγιά for the second time today, Elektra and I run back to school to get Kingsley, all of us farewelling year 1, hop on the 370, hop off, hop on the 400, hop off, hop on the 392 and finally hop off at Bunnerong Gym. Here we deposit Kingsley into his boys rec gym group freeing up my time to get Elektra to say “cheese”…