29-12-20 Kingsley: Dogman Gifts

Tuesday 29th December 2020

From time to time Kingsley demonstrates his affection for this siblings. The conditions must be right though: not on a device, not in a tantrum begging for a device, well fed and not thirsty, jolly and diverted, babies and Kingsley within a comfortable, confined space, the babies doting on him, everyone on the same eye level.

I ask Elektra and Keanu to sit with Kingsley for a photo Elektra immediately plonks her bum in his lap; Keanu could not care any less for a snap. For Keanu runs the race at his own pace and does not get high on winning or being first. Kingsley shows preference for Elektra when she is a sweet doting sister. But turns out Kingsley prefers the manliness of his bro who likes to chuck toys across the room.

In other news we continue our righteous path to reading proficiency, Kingsley enjoying reading once again many books throughout the day mainly as an inducement to playing app games on my phone. But also because he recieved two new Dogman books from daddy (which I had to allow him to open as the chaos of the house was disturbing my peace).

And sure enough our reader finishes off a new Dogman book tonight! Start to finish completely utterly smitten with the Dogman series.