30-09-17 This Day…

Saturday 30th September 2017

On this very day for these past three years Kingsley’s been ‘abroad’. For three years this kiddo has been constantly traveling. In 2015 Erroll took us as a family to Toronto -an unforgettable trip wherein we experienced Niagara Falls among so so much. That terrific holiday was one of a few trips in a plane. Last year it was as a family to Netherlands for Spring however just Kingsley and I hit France to reunite with besties Kym and Kathy. This year it’s been Australia (January), Greece (April-May), Thailand (June), back to Greece for Autumn (right now) and our Hartley Family annual USA Trip is booked for 19th November.

He’s a top traveler and if only this constant movement won’t end but it will with the one word, ‘school’ which starts in January 2019. And that means we’ve got a little over one more year to see the world first hand.

2017 Greece

2016 30th September in Paris France

2015 30th September en route to Canada