29-08-20 Kingsley: Wellington St Playdate

Saturday 29th August 2020

Réunion with the jiu-jitsu Dojo crew after tennis this morning and 6 months apart: Lawrence is back after dad Leo took a job in Perth for 6 months and couldn’t get back due to covid. But now the boys are together Erroll, Daniel, Leo as are our 6 kids. And we meet at Waverley Oval Playground, eat Domino’s Pizza (Kingsley eats half a piece and spits the rest out) drink cloudy apple juice (even this he can’t stomach) then force feed two bananas (opens his mouth like a baby bird from hunger).

With Ooshies from Woolies now his new obsession (we get 4 this morning while buying Bulla ice creams for our Playdate!) the Coles Little Tree Houses books are ready to be swapped. And holding his doubles and triples Kingsley brings them along to swap. Antony is keen, Lawrence too young and Mikayla doesn’t care for the.

So we dress Lawrence instead in Kingsguard’s barely used shoes, tops and jackets. The little guy even remembered where he got a top he wore yesterday “I remember dad! Kingsley gave it to me!”

After playground #1 we all walk to playground #2 at Wellington Street kids climbing ropes and sliding down tunnels while I feed the twins their cheesy pasta. Home late after a glorious winter’s day on the tennis court and exploring Bondi’s Park scene.