14-08-20 Kingsley: MUFTI Day

Friday 14th August 2020

What else to wear at school on mufti day but his favourite sporting colours – Coogee Dolphins under 7’s complete with long socks and undies showing, just like the pro players.

I am the luckiest mumma in Australia proudly getting to walk Linus to school this morning, not late and even able to sneak in sine photos as well as a race to the end of dog Park as we always do. This time with no babies to stroll it is me cutting my way through the grass while Kingsley runs along Bream to our finish line on Mount St.

We bump into Peter’s dad (fellow year 1) who didn’t read the school email or whatsapp so sent the poor kiddo to school in full uniform. We both agree that is a massive dad fail. On a happier note, Kingsley reports that James came to school in sports wear. Yay to lady night’s phone call to the granddad! I wasn’t going to let James come to school yet again in uniform just because Rupert is a flake.

Tonight’s joy for everyone is that Kingsley has a Playdate with Lachie. They make their own pizzas and watch Boobah.