35 Weeks: Braxton Hicks

Seahorse, what are you doing to my insides? All night long a dull ache, tummy rumbles, low grade contractions and an unpleasant, uneasiness to my sleep. Its like a weird menstrual cramp has struck me and will not let up. In fact, I just could not, for the very first time during this pregnancy, get comfortable. My night was long and sore, I barely slept, notwithstanding that big fluffy pillow wedged between my legs and another crammed beneath my lumbering belly to support its weight on our bed. Never before was I made so aware of my heaving, heavy pregnant body; I felt awkward and restlessness.

Could this be the tell tale signs of Braxton Hicks?

My Emirates Airlines Dubai girlfriends - Michelle & Erin - mummies themselves. Lunch 2nd November 2013

My Emirates Airlines Dubai girlfriends – Michelle & Erin – mummies themselves. Lunch 2nd November 2013

All of my mummy friends have spoken about these faux uterine contractions which manifest at various times throughout a woman’s pregnancy. Some gals feel them early on – 20 weeks along, say, and others, like me, after 35 weeks gestation. And bang on 35 weeks, I came face to face with the dreaded Braxton Hicks. In truth, I thought I would be able to bypass this chapter of pregnancy, considering just how magical my very own has been to date.

It was two lovely mummy girlfriends – Michelle and Erin – over lunch, who quite by happenchance asked me whether I have felt these contractions as yet. “Oh no; not at all; I have had the most pleasant of runs with this pregnancy; all sweetness and light; no discomposure or unease. O no; Seahorse has been a wonderful companion inside of me…”

And then, bang on midnight – the Braxton Hicks…

John Braxton Hicks, an English doctor first described them in 1872; kind of like a period pain. Unlike true labor, during this so-called false labor the contractions don’t grow consistently longer, stronger, and closer together. They are just dull and very much present. As for me, I am still feeling uncomfortable and uneasy, as Seahorse bucks and throws little bony knees into my ribs. Ribs ache, belly aches, stomach aches and now ‘down below’ really aches. A new chapter of pregnancy has just begun.

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