14-09-17 After School

Thursday 14th September 2017

A letter I wrote today:
Darling and Oma,

Look how our little one LOVES the beach and sand. Here we are after school on Thursday at 6:30pm. The warmth of the sun is out of this world. The entire Saronītha glows golden. At this point when I took this photo Kingsley and I had been exploring the headland: finding the right rock, chucking it in the sea, climbing with no fear every rocky outcrop.

This arvo he was hungry. Straight off the school bus he drinks a small carton of milk. This is followed by an icecream from the shop. Next up is a banana and by this stage he needs to go. So we find a tree and a shady spot and Kingsley fertilizes then waters nature. Its straight into the outdoor showers then he’s clean and ready for round 2: an apple then fresh baked koulourākia that we picked up from the foūrno just before the school bus arrived.

By this stage the kiddo is so full of energy there is no going home; its beach running and swimmies time. And only then at 6:30pm can I somewhat tempt him to shower again and get the salt and sand off of his entire body. I took this photo of him after my own shower; luring him in for his was near impossible. I managed to with promises of many adventures yet again at the beach tomorrow (and the use of my iPad when we get home).